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Virtual Betting Game

Try to bet - virtual betting emulator with a fake money. You can play against fake bookmaker with real odds supplied by BetClic and William Hill.

How much time it takes to process a bet?
Usually it takes 20 minutes to calculate a bet. But unfortunately some match results we get with a delay. We check all events every day at 11:30PM GMT to make sure all events are processed and refund if match was cancelled.

I'm interested in league trytobet does not support
Supported leagues cover over 90% of Europian soccer betting market. But if you are really interested in any other league just leave a comment and we'll add your league as soon as possible.

What happens if I lose all the betting "money"?
You can play even if you balance is below zero. But if you want to start over just go to Betting Game - Tools - Reset. Once this option is used you will be removed from Best Players rating.

try to bet - virtual betting emulator with a fake money. Play bet game against fake bookmaker with real odds.
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